Whispered steps – the pause in the tango

Nothing creates closeness, sensuality and intimacy like the pause in the flow of dance. It holds the power of a conversation without words. This moment of lingering, of feeling each other. A moment of magic. Nothing in between, no steps, no figure, no distraction, just my partner and me. Suspense about how it will continue, suspense about where it will go. Everything can arise. It is the pausing of this moment that makes tango the dance that speaks without words. In this workshop we will take a closer look at this most magical of all tango moments and learn how the pause comes about, how it can be “danced out”, what potential it holds. We will embed it in figures and movements.

Tango to show off

Sensual, dynamic and expressive figures can give the dance dramaturgy. Often, however, dancers interfere on the floor with cocky figures that neither the woman nor the man can do properly, nor is there space for them. How do I start the dance? How do tango poses look fitting and sensual? How do I end the dance on the final bar? In the workshop we will show a few appealing elements as well as the fluid and aesthetic embedding in the dance through posture, musicality and harmony.

Tango Sensual

Captivate me with your guidance and I will trust you blindly. This sensual workshop is for all dancers who are looking for more in tango than just a sequence of figures. Experience tango as an equal interplay of leading and following. An intimate embrace, an expectant walk, a melancholy farewell. This is the essence of tango. We carefully but purposefully reduce individual sensory perceptions through blindfolds and restraints to the essentials: the partner and the music. An interplay of trust and responsibility.

The guidance of music

The diversity of tango allows improvisation of even small elements. Different orchestras and styles invite beautiful variations of accents, dramaturgy and dynamics. In order to lead confidently and follow playfully, reliability is needed. The music first forms the reliable framework of the dance interpretation in the embrace. After the intensive development of a complex step sequence, it is varied using different orchestras and styles.


Distribution Classic – Modern/Non-Tangos

Depending on your wishes, I adjust the ratio between classical orchestras and modern and non-tangos. My repertoire ranges from pure classical evenings to full neo-milongas. My selection for the evening will definitely inspire you to dance. I guarantee this after 30 years of experience as a DJ: at the Zeltmusikfestival in Freiburg, at various neo-milongas such as in Munich and Toulouse, countless milongas in the Rhine region between Karlsruhe and Freiburg, or international events in Switzerland, France, England or Russia.


How about a full-length mix of wonderfully danceable pieces from a wide variety of countries. The tandas are not sorted by vals, milonga and tango, but by nation. A truly impressive proof that tango lives up to its title as a world cultural heritage.


In the course of the evening, individual pieces that have been used in films are “hidden” in the tandas. The Assassin’s Tango from Mr. And Mrs. Smith and Roxanne from Moulin Rouge are certainly the best-known tangos. In a competition, you can guess along and win a surprise at the end of the evening.

Individual lessons

The individual lessons enable precise training of the finest movements, the development of your own style, musicality or complex figures. No matter whether you have special wishes or simply want to have your dance analysed with our trained eyes. Automatisms, sources of error, lack of inspiration, search for expression and sensuality in the movements or a basic development of a clean dance technique for men and women alike. We are happy to put our decades of experience as teachers and dancers at your service.

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