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Tango classes and DJ-ing

With 30 years of experience, we offer workshops and private lessons tailor-made to your wishes. With a wide range and the ear of the dancer, we accompany your milongas with a wide selection of wonderfully danceable orchestras. Depending on your wishes, we can vary the ratio between classical tangos and neo- and non-tangos.


Tango Paso a Paso


Our workshops offer a wide range of possibilities from classical technique courses to special topics such as dancing to certain orchestras and sensuality in dance.


Tango music is wonderful. Troilo, Di Sarli, Pugliese, Cal├│, Laurenz, etc. as well as neo and non tangos. The music selection inspires you to dance, to rave and to listen. You decide what ratio of classical to modern should shape the evening. With almost 2,000 titles, there is something for every taste.

Individual lessons

The individual lesson enables precise training of the finest movements, the development of one’s own style, musicality or complex figures.

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About us

Harald has been teaching workshops and private lessons in Freiburg since 1992 and founded the Sunday practicals and the tango club Coraz├│n. His many years of dance experience combine with great didactic skill and clarity. Harald’s tango finds a special kind of sensuality in its diverse mixture of atmospheric expression and stylistic perfection. Perfection here means clarity and harmony. His talent for improvisation, the translation of music into dance harmony and his variety of danced styles and moods increase to an expressive kaleidoscope of Argentine tango.

Svetlana came to tango in 2011. She loves to dance sensually and playfully. She fills the female role in the dance, in which she is completely attuned to her dance partner. In her classes, she emphasises the clear distribution of roles, stability and precise footwork.


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